Nomos is Greek for 'pasture', and 'the Nomad' is a chief or clan elder who presides over the allocation of pastures. Nomos thus came to mean 'law', 'fair distribution', [...] - and so the basis of all Western law.

The verb nemein - to 'graze', 'to pasture', 'to range', or 'to spread' — has a second sense as early as Homer: 'to deal', 'to apportion' or 'to dispense' - especially of land, honour, meat or drink. Nemesis is the 'distribution of justice' and so of 'divine justice'.”
Bruce Chatwin, The Songlines 

Eunemesi is a performing arts company based in Milan, Italy, since 2014. The company is composed by Francesca Del Fa, Ruggero Franceschini, Claudia Gambino, Livio Remuzzi, Giulia Vecchio, Marouane Zotti, who met while studying in Piccolo Teatro di Milan theatre school.

In the first years of its activity Eunemesi produced  theatre performances with a clear visual abstract identity: Melancolia I in 2014, Il figlio soffre in 2015. Later on, their interested shifted towards site-specific and participatory performances: F.A.R.M. in 2017, Padua Silk Road in 2018, The Monuments of Paese and Anthology of Superfluous activities in 2019 (winner of MovinUp! 2019/20).

The support for Eunemesi research has come from a wide range of national and international partners: Residenza Idra in Brescia, Associazione 20Chiavi in VIterbo, Binario1 in Treviso, ESP-I performing arts company in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

We always considered the company as an open territory to be contaminated by other artists, among the others by: Gizem Begüm Boylu, Jocelyn Yuchia Chang, Lorenzo Demaria, Diogo Ferreira, Domenico Florio, Hannah Gelesz, Antonio Mingarelli, Margherita Monga, Francesco Meola, Marco Papparotto, Anqi Zhao, Ray-Pei Yu, Tianyu Xu.